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VW T1 Bus Silhouette Magnets- VW Camper


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The VW "Bulli" (the German nickname for Volkswagen's legendary creation) holds a fascination which has spanned decades...crossing age, national and socio-economic borders. Quite simply, it is something which inspires passion in its legions of fans around the world. Throughout its history and in all of its ensuing variations over the years, the VW Camper remains a cult symbol of originality, evolution and independence. It is an expression of freedom.

Set of 3 VW T1 Bus silhouette magnets. Size per magnet: 6 x 4.5 x 0.3 cm

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VW T1 Bus Silhouette Magnets- VW Camper

VW T1 Bus Silhouette Magnets- VW Camper

BUMT01 Instock

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