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Millionaire: Colin Chapman DVD


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A fascinating documentary that gives a rare insight of Colin Chapman and Team Lotus in 1968, the year when Chapman and team were struggling to cope with the loss of Jim Clark at Hockenheim and Mike Spence at Indianapolis.

Graham Hill stepped into the breach, fulfilling the role of lead driver at this most difficult time, and going on to win the Championship, the third for Team Lotus.

Filmed in an era when 'Millionaire' meant much more than today, renowned producer John Gau captured much of Colin Chapman's energy and business approach, at around the time that Lotus Cars became a publicly owned company.

This collector's edition, the second in the Classic Team Lotus series, includes additional chapters featuring reminiscences of Jim Endruweit, Bob Dance and Bob Sparshott along with a detailed look at 49B/R10 with Clive Chapman.

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Millionaire: Colin Chapman DVD

Millionaire: Colin Chapman DVD

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