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Team Lotus Helmet Poster


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Team Lotus Helmet Poster.

The Team Lotus Works Formula One Drivers print celebrates the principle Works Team Lotus Formula One drivers from 1958 to 1994. It features the helmets of all the 34 drivers who either scored a World Championship point and/or did a minimum of 10 Grand Prix for the team.

Alongside each helmet is a record of Grand Prix, points and wins for each driver.

The helmet artwork was created by Cliff Ruddell and we think he has done a wonderful job; the detail is great and they look fantastic.

A superb salute to the Team Lotus Works drivers and their 74 victories for the Marque.

70 x 50 cm

* Please note this does not come with a frame.

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Team Lotus Helmet Poster

Team Lotus Helmet Poster

Lotus049 Instock

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