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Chaparral Lanyard: Roadrunner Chaparral Lanyard: Roadrunner


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100% polyester lanyard. Includes clear display pouch and multinational hook.

Founded in 1962 by racing visionary Jim Hall, Chaparral Cars remains one of the most innovative racing teams in motorsports history. A leader in effective designing of air dams and spoilers, Chaparral Cars would help chronicle the key changes in race cars during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s in both aerodynamics and tires. From the signature wing on the 2E, to the trailblazing design of the 2J “ground-effects” car, Chaparral’s contributions to the “Aerodynamic Era” of racing will forever be remembered in motorsports history. Officially Licensed by Chaparral Cars, inc.

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Chaparral Lanyard: Roadrunner

Chaparral Lanyard: Roadrunner

12004450200 Instock

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